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SKATOPIA: 88 ACRES OF ANARCHY in (mostly) other people’s words:

In 2006 we moved to Skatopia and shot for the entire year – over 400 hours of footage. As a result, this film shows a side of the place no one will see in just a brief visit. It may be the most unflinchingly honest documentary in skateboarding.

Completely even-handed… must be seen to be believed.


A must-see for the history of skating

– Rodney Smith, SHUT NYC

Skatopia lets you into the lives of these kids… you can see the passion, the enthusiasm, the pain, the craziness, and most of all, the dedication.

– Urban Extreme

Skaters have seen some of Skatopia’s craziness on Fuel TV, Viva la Bam, or Tony Hawk games. Our movie goes behind the mayhem to see what it takes to actually live out your very own, custom-made American Dream.

Skatopia is a grimy bubble of pure freedom; a skateboarder’s dream and end-of-the-world Thunderdome all at the same time.

– Film Threat

It’s the real shit out here… a bunch of fucking crazy hippie, fucking punker maniacs fucking just building shit… just going off… taking advantage of what they own. It’s what you learn how to skate for… it’s living.

– Dustin Dollin

For better or worse… Brewce Martin and the gang are keeping their dreams alive, on their terms.  In many ways, its very existence is like the ultimate dare; they dare you to find out what being free really means.

– Film Threat


 Skatopia gives visitors… a taste of the absolute freedom they think they want.

– Rolling Stone

 The audience feels the dirt under their fingernails and the hedonistic freedom running through their veins.

– SBCC Film Reviews

An inspiring story of building an empire with your own rules.

– Denver Examiner


– Russell Banks, The Sweet Hereafter, Affliction

It’s just an adventure with a bunch of people who won’t say no.

– Chris Colette, Skatepark Builder

Like Bam Margera on acid.

– Urban Extreme

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  1. by matea

    Where can i watch/download skatopia the movie?

  2. by IlyaRavenson

    I need to go there. I´m gonna go there. I´m gonna go there when i got at least 20k € together and then ,then i´m gonna stay there and help with some money and work

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