1) What is your name? Jack Sabbath

2) Who do you ride for? CIA Wounded Knee Independent Volcom

3) Where are you from? Born CT raised in West Virginia

4) How long have you been skating? since the bicentennial

5) What is your favorite spot? Apple then , anywhere I see fire in skaters eyes now

6) What do you think of Christian Hosoi being arrested? Tragic, drugs are fun and all, but prison sucks it can happen to anyone involved

7) What is your favorite music? Cash DK’s Floyd Devo ACDC punk rock whatever fits

8) Who do you think is the most influential skater? My son

9) Who inspired you when you were younger? My mom

10) Do you have a nickname? Brewce Martin

11) What are your favorite tricks? 540 pogo fs rock to revert, bs sweeper bs revert, indy fastplant to bs revert. Those are three I have done that I have never seen anyone else do
Frontside Invert is my favorite when executed with fire

12) Do you like skating in contests? Only if they are at night and everyone is partying

13) What would you like people to know about you? that I am lucky

14) What do you do besides skate? **** and smoke weed

15) Do you have any pets? 11 dogs two cats thousands of skaters that sleep around here

16) Can you play any instruments? barely

17) How would you tell a kid to get sponsored? Rip

19) Are there any up and coming skaters you’d like to mention? Jim Murphy, Rick Charnowski, Hellskull

20) What is the best trick you have ever seen? 3 on one

22) What do you think the best trick is you’ve ever done? see # 11

23) How do you feel about big corporations getting involved with skateboarding? I hate business

24) Do you get mad when teammates quit? never crossed my mind

25) What is the best skate video ever? skatopia

27) Have you ever been to Cheyenne, Wyoming? drove through in 90 and 94

28) Have you ever heard of my friend Juice? no

29) How do you pick up on chicks? girls are easy roll the dice you are bound to win sometime

30) Have you ever been arrested? yes

31) How many tickets have you received from skating, drinking, fighting, etc. hundreds

32) Do you have any questions you’d like to ask yourself? why do pussies like bank ramps?

33) Are you going to send any free merchandise ( stickers, boards, clothing, videos) for us to give to our loyal readers? one video and a few stickers

34) How has everything been at Skatopia? like a dream like a nightmare

35) Has attendance increased since the Big Brother preview? relatvely little the same people all the time and the occaisional traveller.

36) How did you like the Concrete Challenge? it was fun. I wish it was all pool coping

37) How did you do? 11th overall

38) Do you think you’ll come back again this year? if volcom pays

39) Do you have any kids? one that i know of

40) Any good TURF stories? LSD capsule session with Adam Luxford

41) What is there to do in Ohio? Skate **** Weed

42) What are the rules of Skatopia? skate don’t steal help out skate don’t freeload skate

43) Did you and Dave Carnie ever go get hookers in L.A.? I don’t pay for *****

44) Famous Last words? How would you recommend people get a hold of you? skatopia.org

E-Mail address? skatopia.org
Too many questions too many words

Reprinted with permision skateboardmarket.com

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