A great trip to Amsterdam – a place where people live in shipping containers
container houses.jpg
trees are made of rebar…
rebar tree.jpg
the water is full of crazy reflections…
crazy reflections.jpg
and coffee shops sell way more than just coffee…
coffeeshop reefer.jpg
When we walked by one of them, Liam said, “Hey, how did they know we were bringing our movie? They’re making Amsterdam smell like Skatopia!”
We rode bikes everywhere…
hanging posters and handing out postcards everywhere we could…
posters close.jpg
Saw some creepy stuff in jars at a science museum…
creepy monkeys.jpg
and a Russian submarine with a Volcom sticker!
u-boat big.jpg
uboat close.jpg
We went to Skatepark Amsterdam, which rocked – a good sized indoor park in this crazy huge container shipping warehouse. It cost a million euros just to build the elevated platform the park sits on!
Amsterdam skatepark wide.jpg
park suspended.jpg
Our apartment was a block from the Red Light District which made Liam say, “Hey, those ladies are trying to be statues!”
The film received an excellent response.
theater lobby.jpg
De Uitkijk (you say “out-gike”, which means Look-out) Theater was very classy, served beer (even had little tables with drink order forms and a little buzzer to call a waitress) and the audience was great.
theater full.jpg
little tables.jpg
little tables
We followed up with a special screening at the Streetlab Gallery… special shoutout to Jeroen Smeets and RELOAD magazine, the folks at Streelab and Stan Postmus for making that screening an event!
At the end of the week we’re meeting the Skatopia crew for a screening at the Hot Springs Doc Festival. Be sure and tell any Arkansans that you know!