Yes, it is finally available for digital enjoyment! Download to own, rent it, be a critic for a night and write a review! If we get lots of hits this week we’re hoping to break into iTunes top 100!

Here’s a nifty button (straight from the Apple-elf workshops):

Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy

And Android owners don’t despair! You can get in on the act at Google Play.

The multi-talented Travis Dove has created a short video about our former neighbor Paul Strauss and his cantankerous determination to stick to the non-material, nature-focused path he’s been on for 40 years. Raise a home brew to the tough minded sonsabitches like Paul who make getting to know your neighbors a great reason for living. 

Skatopia is half mile over the hill. Look for an extended video featuring Paul and many of our great Appalachian neighbors on the Collectors Edition of Skatopia The Movie.

Last year the Master of Disaster, Duane Peters took a normal fall, and faced a whole new disaster. His leg got infected. Click on the photo below if you have a strong stomach… it’s nasty. You can also hear him talk about it in this video. He’s also got tons of awesome stuff on his website. His son Clash is featured in our film when he was less than one year old. Now he’s skating with Dad!