Minsk (Belarus): June 21-24,

Warsaw (Poland): July 5-8.

In the “Reclaim Yr Space” section of the DIY Film Fest

Nice description:
“After all, who said utopia should look the same for all 7 milliard of earthlings? Skatopia, skaters’ Mecca on the Appalachian farm could be criticized for the compromises they make and their hierarchy, but it definitely has something that makes squeal both schoolkids with bra?kets on teeth and old punks with beers, the reason why local hillbillies and traveling skaters year after year continue to dig and concrete… Everything for their dream.”

And what’s not to love about to this great festival blurb?

DIY FILM FEST is the first and the only cyclic movie event focusing entirely on counterculture and its creative influence on surrounding reality. DIY FILM FEST also attempts to redefine certain ideas and concepts. It is a homage paid to creativity devoid of particularistic and capitalistic values, as well as an invitation to everyone appreciating independent culture to document and archive its signs and achievements, assuring that they would get to wider audience.

DIY FILM FEST is also a realization of its authors’ dream, that is creating something with no budget, offer something for free, not requiring disinterested support, always offering something in exchange. The event itself is a particle of what we would like to talk about, which is broadly understood concept of DIY.

But above all, DIY FLM FEST expresses affection for cinematography free of formulas, taboos or stylistic conventions. Cinematography that is free in its form and content. Cinematography not depending on box office results, producers’ requirements or spectators’ clichéd preferences.

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