Film Progress: we’ve added a great editor and assistant editor, and really picked up the pace of editing. Special thanks to them for moving to Plattsburgh for the movie. The goal is to premiere at either Slamdance or Sundance Film Festival (Jan in Park City, Utah) or South by Southwest (March in Austin, TX).
We’re pouring through tons of old footage… thanks to Charno, Dan Rea, Tom from El Destructo, Ryan Swisher from Rezzin, Indica and everyone else who sent us stuff. We’re going to shoot some interviews with the “founding fathers” of Skatopia, in the next month or two. Speaking of which, if you run into Little Eddie from Grindline, give him a hard time… I guess he’s scared of the camera… but he was there right at the beginning & built a bunch of good stuff and we know you want his story in the movie!
Also, Travis Dove was shooting photographs at the bowl bash. He is a genius flying under the radar as a friendly, mild-mannered guy who mixes in with the crowd and takes his shot fast. But don’t be fooled. If you haven’t seen his stuff, check out his work at (for skatopia stuff go to stories / skaterats). Travis’ pictures will be featured in the Rolling Stone feature article about Skatopia later this year.
Thanks also to the Edit Center in NYC, where students recently cut a bunch of scenes from the movie for their class. They gave us some great ideas.