This looks great – Newport Beach Film Fest. Look for Duane Peters and Steve Olson and a cast of thousands:

This film chronicles the rise and fall of The Cuckoo’s Nest,’ a famous Socal Punk Rock Club that was not only the birthplace of slam dancing but a key incubator to the surf, skate and extreme sports culture of today. During the late 1970’s ‘The Nest’, as it was known, played host or was home to almost every influential and soon to be famous punk bands including: Black Flag, The Ramones, Iggy Pop, TSOL, The Dead Kennedy’s, The Circle Jerks, Fear and The Vandals, whose song, ‘The Legend of Pat Brown,’ chronicles one of the more famous incidents at the The Nest. The saga of the The Nest and its owner Jerry Roach is one of the great untold stories of punk rock, until now.