The Event: Hot Springs Doc Festival – Julien Nitzberg’s Wild Whites of West VA and Skatopia are playing at the same festival! Talk about Convergence!
The Crew: Brewce, Brandon, Bubba, Keegan, Clay and BooBoo made the scene in the skatopia limo. Got kicked out to their first hotel for skating in the parking lot with a pitbull chasing the board… nearly got kicked out of the second for having a passed out skater sleeping in the front seat of the limo… skated the Dreamland park in Little Rock, hit Vino’s for pizza and harassed a “trance” band at Maxine’s. Going great, so far.
Hot Springs! Hidden gem of the Ozarks – this place kills it. 100 documentaries, a karaoke strip club, Maxine’s Pub, Skatopia Crew is on hand.! What more can I say?
Tonight the screening with Black Death All Stars Afterwards!