After a fine run on the Rolling Stone magazine website, we’ve posted the custom trailer on our own homepage and in the videoarchive. Also added is the famous, but hard to find “Nick Mcknight carves the Lula Bowl on a mechanic’s creeper” footage that has inspired an entire underground sport of its own. Check it out below the RS trailer.
If you haven’t by now, check out Travis Dove’s Rolling Stone still photos in the mag.
There’s an article in the local Meig’s County newspaper where Brewce adds a few thoughts on the milder side. Another article from Marietta on the kid in Travis’ full page photo.
The forums have been back and forth on whether publicity is a good thing for Skatopia. My favorite entry is from a grumpy downhiller: “I’ll be the first on here to say that I’m glad that I don’t associate myself with that sort of culture. And I think that those sorts of images really help enforce the negative attitudes that skateboarding/longboarding gets from the general population.”
(Be warned: Don’t click on the “dead filmmaker link or you’ll have to shut down your browser.)
Other posts don’t have as much to say, but one photography blog has some scans from the Rolling Stone article for those who haven’t seen it.
Best of all the photo blog led us to discover a piece shot at the same time we were filming the 06 Bowl Bash… a little tribute to Michah… a little on the sappy side… but hey, this was the channel that Al Gore started.
Even the fashion bloggers have something to say…
Finally, Slap Mag has a sweet little rambly video shot at the 08 ‘bash with some fine moments. Enjoy