Last Thursday Nick McKnight, Skatopia’s long standing icon and mechanic died peacefully at Skatopia. He had just finished changing engines on a couple of the farm’s trucks (or should we call them “junk” the way he would?) He lay down for a little while and didn’t get up. He was in a place he loved, doing what he loved and we can all appreciate that. Nick was a huge part of our film and more importantly, our lives when we lived in Meigs County.

Here’s what I posted on Facebook on Friday:
R.I.P Nick McKnight… legendary Skatopian, friend of ours, friend of many. Meigs County born and raised. The world is a less colorful place without him in it. Our thoughts are with all the folks who were touched by his big spirit. You are already missed, McNugget.

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  1. by Nick

    This is shit…..I watched tour full documentary and the mechanic was one of your best. In humor stubborn action ect……. rest in peace

  2. by Nick

    Secondly how the fuxk are there no comments on here. Where is the support fans loyal skatopians.

  3. by Brittany

    first off i want to say thank you to for making this my dad was and will always be a great mechanic and i miss him dearly. He really was a great man and i am proud to say i’m his daughter the last time i saw him he insisted on bringing me to his favorite place and give me the personal tour and this place was no other than skatopia, i’m so glad my first time visiting here was with him. I’m not sure if i could ever return at least not anytime soon i’m still mourning and would completely loose it. But i’m glad he died in the one place he loved the most and for everyone who helped my father in any way thank you. You will be surely missed forever by many dad we all love you! rest in peace May 9th, 2013

  4. by scottie

    The mechanic seemed like a cool guy.sorry for your loss.however,the owner of the park who kicked that kid in the face in the movie is a punk.his sons cool but the dads a bully who could use a whippin:-)

  5. by jay

    im sorry for yalls loss, i look forward to coming out to your property, and helping fund the future of your dreams, i am sure nick is at peace now and will be there in spirit as sk8topia carries on..

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