Skatopians invade the Big Apple – Tribeca Cinemas 9:45 PM on July 11.
Our film was a very late selection for the NYC indy film fest – ACEfest and…
WE GOT THE BEST SLOT – Closing show on Saturday Night.
The Skatopia crew will be on hand to party!
Buy your tickets now! Tell your friends. We’ve want to sell this mofo out!¬†
If we do, they’ll book another show!
Here’s where:
(While you’re there, log in and rate our film so it will move onto the festival home page.)
Also, if you’re in NYC or have friends nearby… get out the word for us. We’ll have stickers and flyers ready to go out shortly.
If anyone wants to add our trailer to their blog, etc: here’s the url:¬†

You can find the embed code there if you want to paste it into your page, blog, etc.
See you there!