We just got back from shooting the Skatopia/CIA skate team at the Evolution Skatepark Bowl Jam in Canton, OH. It’s got a killer wooden bowl built by Team Pain, two hips, 10 foot deep end, lots of speed lines. The CIA guys dominated – a skatopia jihad as their shirts say – Brandon, Busta, Morgan, and Dan took 4 out of the top 5 place in Expert. Adam took second in intermediate. Brandon raged consistently, high, and every grab in the book. I don’t know how he can hit so many airs back to back. Dan stuck a backside ollie to disaster onto the extension after the judges had already walked away… Morgan’s layback revert was pretty old school for someone only 12. Busta pulled a sick cliff hanger/gorilla grab off the metal beam that I think won best trick. He also made killer trophies: mounted Sasquatch heads with eyes that lit up – no hunting season on them in Ohio.
Brewce is shipping the new Draven Skatopia shoe to skaters worldwide. Using the proceeds to buy more concrete, rebar, gravel… all that good stuff that makes Skatopia work. Finally got myself a pair… now I’m wearing them out doing everything but skating.
And our son no longer says “fuck you”, but all the way home from Canton we did have to listen to him saying “I named Brewce”. Whoa.
Over the next season, we’ll be living down there & shooting the stuff that happens. Next fall and winter we’ll be editing. We’ll keep new stuff coming on the web site up until the movie’s release, and we won’t give the ending away!
Also, we’d like to thank the academy for recognizing us…whoops, got ahead of myself. But we do want to thank everyone who got us footage and stills to help get this web site up. Dan Rea from PoolsnPipes.com gave us footage of Brewce and photos of the bowls at Skatopia. We got flying car footage from Mikie Swartz at WhiplashDVD.com and Turtle flying OFF the car from Chris Gomez with the Old Skars & Upstarts Tour. And finally, our awesome and talented friend Raegan Kelly made this web site happen. Thank you Raegan.
Don’t forget: Buy Skatopia shoes, shirts, decks – contribute for more concrete! www.skatopia.org.