[Note: Thanks to general crazyness, we are posting this blog wayyy late.]
We’ve moved to Meigs County, OH… 2 miles from the dreaded Skatopia. We’ve rented a 185 year old house on a giant hilltop farm covered in junk cars, school buses and other broken metal stuff. Our first week we hit a deer on the way to town and destroyed our mini-van grille – the Meigs-icans loved that. Since then, the suspension has been getting beat to crap driving over the gravel roads and the doors got frozen shut because of Skatopia dirt working itself into in the latches.
But we LIIIIIKE it. (as our kid says)
Life is good, but we can’t escape our work… now we’re on call 24/7 to run down the road with the camera and get the latest crazyness on film (tape actually.) It is exhausting, but at least we don’t have Brewce on the phone saying “you should have been here… you missed it!” Now he’s on the phone saying, “get over here!”
We’re psyched… the season begins…