This story began long before we started filming. Brewce was arrested in early 2005 after getting in a Thanksgiving brawl in Parkersburg, WV. It was over a girl… He was essentially jumped by three guys (and a mom) who came to the fight with nun-chucks and a baseball bat. He grabbed the bat (from the mom) and fought back. After he left, the family called the cops. Two months later, the warrants were served.
Anyway, for all of 2005, things are on hold. Brewce’s lawyer says “It’s cool. You’ve got a good case ‚Äì self-defense.” Brewce plays it all down to us‚Ķ and to his friends.
Jury trial happens in Feb 2006. They throw out a lot of trumped up charges (felonies) and acknowledge that Brewce didn’t bring the weapons to the fight. But… they want to punish him for his side of the fight… (no mention of punishing the other fighters !?!) so they convict him of two misdemeanors.
What does this mean? Well, got to wait for the sentencing hearing on April 10, 2006. Brewce and his lawyer still have some appeals to try out and some alternative sentencing requests.
April 10: I ride with Brewce to see what is up with this. 8:45 am. He’s in suit jacket and clean pants. We’re blazing north in the fully graffiti-covered Skatopia mini-van with a broken CV joint vibrating like a mother… Half way to court, I say, “So, is there some possibility that you might not be riding home today?” “Well, it’s a possibility, but I’ve already talked to the parole lady and she’s going to hook me up with a three-day a week deal. That way I can still get the farm ready for the Bowl Bash. I’ll just go in to jail on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.” OK.
I go into the court with my camera. A burly guard gives me shit for having an Oregon license and a Philly address on my business card. Won’t let me film. I sit in the back of the court. Only Brewce’s mom and baseball bat mom are there. First thing. The Judges says, “No alternative sentencing.” Then, “No appeals are relevant to this case” Brewce starts scribbling notes on the back of an envelope. Judge says, “There is more than enough blame to go around in this case. It is significant that Mr. Martin did not bring the weapons to the fight…” etc, blah, blah, blah. You are sentenced to two consecutive sixty day jail terms. Lawyer: Can he have a day to get his affairs in order? Judge: No. Brewce is emptying his pockets. I’m going whoa! Why can’t I film!!!!! Bailiff is snapping cuffs on Brewce. I’m going whoa!!!! Brewce is giving me this funny kind of smile like he wants to crack up. Later I learn he’s trying to send me telepathic message to run around to the side door where they’ll take him out… but my brain is not receiving properly. I’m busy thinking “Our film is so f***’d up now. The Bowl Bash is our big event this year. Ahhhh”
I go out in hot sun dazed and shoot his mom‚Äôs reaction: ‚ÄúYou got to admit, he had a bad case of the dumbass driving over there that night.‚Äù The lawyer gives me the key to the ragged-ass van. It’s got no gas. I put a few bucks in and coax that broken CV joint back to Skatopia going 25 mph uphill on the highway and coasting down. Holy shit. No-one even knows yet. Not even Brandon!