We’re in the last week of Brewce’s incarceration. He’s been giving everybody at the farm big lists of stuff to do before the spring party. The lists go on and on… there are 37 bands already booked, PA equipment to be secured, ramps to be fixed, a bonfire to build, etc, etc. Most important: there is concrete to be poured. I put down my camera last week to spend a long day setting templates in the new expanded bowls around the Lula Bowl. They’ll be 5 – 6′ deep with a spine between them. One will wrap around the shallow end of the Lula and turn into a mini-halfpipe. The other side will be decided by the whims of the workers who show up to shape it. It’s your chance to help create a skatepark!
Come out on June 1 & 2 for a major work-party to shoot ‘crete in these new bowls! ANYONE WITH ‘CRETE FINISHING SKILLS IS ESPECIALLY NEEDED!!!! . If you can’t make it, send a donation for the ‘crete fund. You can do it at the skatopia website: www.skatopia.org