As Brewce’s new T-shirts proclaim, “CAMERAS INVADE APPALACHIA”. (Order one through For the 11th annual Bowl Bash, we had 17 camera people, serious audio guys recording the bands, production assistants and so on… and food catered by Millies. Most people were nice to the crew, a few weren’t, but they probably weren’t being nice to anyone else either. A few broken cameras, a bruised ego or two and one ninja K.O… but whatever… we got awesome, awesome footage – motocross jumps over the lula bowl, sick bands, triple XXX skating by visitors & CIA agents, and the usual chaos that criss-crossed the line of “barely controlled”.
We lost 3 camera guys to the party by the second night. Suddenly, we were shooting our own crew in the mosh pit & skating the bowls! Many stayed up and worked for almost 72 hours straight. They came from all points of the compass… California, Wisconsin, New York, Oregon, Chicago, Philly, and a bunch from Athens. Everyone added something unique and it was a super-cool group. THANK YOU!
It’s a weird responsibility to take something like this and record it for the rest of the world to see. How much exposure is good & how much is bad for Skatopia? Most of Skatopia’s media exposure in the past has been fun, but usually hyped the same Skatopia myths. Looking beyond the myths at the reality is always trickier. We’ll try to do it justice.
We’re starting to get serious about editing now. For all of those who have offered footage of Skatopia from the past, we really appreciate it. If we screwed up getting back to you, its because we were too busy shooting (same reason we’ve been so slow on new vidclips.) We’re setting in to work on Skatopia history now – so let us know if you have anything for us…
We’ll get a bunch of stills from the party up in the next few days and follow up with some good vidclips.
Thanks for the support. Hit that link on the “Hooked Up” page for our new stickers!