We have escaped the Skatopia vortex, at least physically, and have landed in a cold wintry place that seems like the opposite of Meigs County. Colin is working at PBS while Laurie is holed up in the edit bay, sorting through gazillion tapes and starting to edit.
We are psyched to be getting tons of video from Tim Clark, who has shot the place for the last 10 years or so. The band Rezzin, who played at Brewce’s First Party Ever(!) is sending us their old footage, too. Thanks to all the others who have sent their old footage or crazy mayhem shots. If it doesn’t make it into the film, there’s plenty of room in the DVD extras…
Anyone else who has old stuff, you can make the film better by sending it on. We’ll copy it and send it right back. We’re hoping to submit the film to festivals near the end of 2007.
We’re sad to be gone, but upstate New York is pretty cool. Like the north pole but without the penguins.
Just think, now you can go to Skatopia and no one will point a camera with two mics and a bright-ass light in your face…. till we get back.
Skatopia lives on in our 3 year old son Liam, who walks around without a shirt saying “I look like Brewce!” and who brings his toy cars to “Nick’s garage” to get fixed after they get “stuginthemud”. He also thinks that firemen shoot fire out of their hoses, not water. You can send money for his future therapy.
Brewce, Brandon and the CIA guys finished up 2006 with a big POUR and a big BURN. First a sick addition got poured around the Lula Bowl thanks to awesome December weather, major ‘crete fund contributions and a serious work party. Then we heard someone gave the CIA a nice Christmas Present of a CAR to BURN, which made for a very Merry Fire I’m sure. But we missed it…