We did it! Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy premiered to a sold out plus crowd on Saturday night at the Tribeca Cinamas. We booked an adjacent screening room to accommodate the demand.
NYC’s skateboard community showed up along with media from Rolling Stone and Newsweek to skate magazines. The Skatopians drove up en masse with their green plaid limo and mingled with innocent film goers. The film cut across all boundaries and got a hugely positive response from both skaters and those who have never been to Skatopia or touched a skateboard.
The after party rocked with bands that have all played Skatopia – Black Death Allstars, Chuck Treece with McRad and Shat. It was a mini-Skatopia – complete with the latest Skatopia merchandise and free PBR donated by Pabst.
Brandon Martin led the charge up from Skatopia in the green plaid limo with over 20 Skatopians. Amber, Brewce’s girlfriend, took a brief break from caring for Brewce in the hospital to join the party for 24 hours. The word from Amber is that Brewce is making great strides every day, but definitely has a long rehab ahead of him.
Media and bloggers can email us for more photos.
Check back tomorrow to see the video from the premiere.
WHAT’S NEXT? Skatopia Film Festival Tour continues:
Golden, Colorado on August 7 and 8 at Docuwest Film Festival

Skatopians Rock the Front Range!! concrete, punk rock, plaid liousine
Seattle, Washington, on August 15 at Skateboard Film Festival
concrete parks, more Skatopians, another sell-out screening