We’ve finally got some pics to put up!
For those won’t don’t know, I (Colin) came down from upstate NY to show the nearly complete, work-in-progress version of the documentary Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy.
So in a weird twist on reality, Skatopians watched themselves party at the bowl bash while at the bowl bash. The response was overwhelmingly positive, to our relief, since we figured this was our toughest crowd: The Experts. Everyone’s experience of Skatopia is different and we know there is still plenty left to show that doesn’t fit into 90 minutes.
As most of you know, Brewce is recovering from an accident so he was not able to be the mega-host of the Bowl Bash as he has been for the past 13 years. Emotions ran high at times watching the movie.
The screening and the party was great. Brandon and many, many great workers made it one of the greatest Bowl Bash’s ever.
Click here for a gallery of Bowl Bash shots courtesy of Richie Wiremen.