The NYT just put up an article about skaters and motorcycles… it promised something about a “cafe racer CB350”, but never delivered… stayed locked into idolizing 70’s Harley’s… boring! Problem is, if you’re going to cover Harley’s & skating you better not miss Jason, but the newspaper of record did. But still I liked this quote from the article:

The design theme skateboarders often strive for is distinct from “rat bikes,” a breed that fetishizes matte finishes over glossy paint and rust over chrome. There is a “Road Warrior” quality to many skaters’ bikes. Mr. Eusey’s Harley, for example, has a hatchet bolted to the frame (handy when camping out) and foot pegs made from railroad spikes.

Here’s a little video clip about the guys in Indiana featured in the story…

Full article is here